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Victor Campos-SQL Management Objects (SMO),Windows Identity Foundation,.Net Asynchronous Programming
Start Date/Time: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 6:30 PM
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SQL Management Objects (SMO)

In most cases, .Net Framework Developers can build business application that can push and pull data to and from SQL Server all day and night.  Creating SQL Stored Procedures to create, read, update and delete data can be performed with a blind-fold over our eyes.  However, generally speaking application developers tend to visit their favorite search engine for T-SQL sample code that will perform database management task.  Task such as dropping or adding indexes, foreign keys and constraints are a “Snap!” within SQL Management Studio and you can find T-SQL sample code by visiting your favorite search engine.  But, how is all that done within the .NET Framework without having to write a single line of code in T-SQL?  That’s where S.M.O. comes into play.  It’s a set of .NET Assemblies that have been provided by the SQL Server Team that will make you a SQL Object Management Wizard in no time.

Victor Campos, Senior Developer (BlackLine Systems)

Currently working at BlackLine Systems ( as a Senior Developer where he is focusing on building robust and scalable solutions using leading edge technology that will take the BlackLine software into the next level of enterprise computing.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA began programming in 1993 mainly focusing on DBase, then FoxPro and surfed the Visual FoxPro era to its very final release.  In late 1999 and early 2000 he began looking into at what was originally called ASP+ during its beta (later named ASP.NET).  Before the .NET Runtime had a name early adopters knew Microsoft would make the .NET Framework a success in one form or another.  Wanting to be on the forefront of it all he has kept up with the technology and carefully implemented pieces of the framework that give software a strong ROI.  The .NET Framework is huge and not all aspects of the framework are long term.  Victor focuses on software that will last in the long run.

Windows Identity Foundation

Windows Identity Foundation enables .NET developers to externalize identity logic from their application, improving developer productivity, enhancing application security, and enabling interoperability.  Enjoy greater productivity, applying the same tools and programming model to build on-premises software as well as cloud services.
Windows Identity Foundation is part of Microsoft's identity and access management solution built on Active Directory that includes Active Directory Federation Services 2.0, a security token service for IT that issues and transforms claims and other tokens, manages user access and enables federation and access management for simplified single sign-on.
Manu will demonstrate how to federate with partner organizations and provide Single Sign On solutions using these technologies easily.

Manu Sharma, Senior Developer (BlackLineSystems)

Manu Sharma is a Senior Developer for BlackLine Systems. Manu discovered a passion for computing and developing software while working his way through college as a Mechanical Engineer in India. Starting his career as a software programmer, he earned his MCP and MCSD in 1998 in the Visual Basic track, relocating to USA in 2000. He has since them been on top of technology through constant learning. Through his career he worked with eCommerce Web applications, trading and government applications. He joined BlackLine systems in 2008 and worked towards improving system performance, architecting multi tenant design and Single Sign on.

Asynchronous Programming in ASP.NET, Visual Studio Async CTP, and why it matters

It’s Monday morning and your boss walks into your office and says “Our customers say our site is too slow… can you look into this and fix it?” This has been a common problem that many people face as their web applications start to take on more users. As developers create more functionality and features in their application, these features get stressed under load and can make for some unhappy customers. George will explore why asynchronous programming can help in some of these situations. George will cover Asynchronous Tasks, Asynchronous Web Requests and  Microsoft’s new Visual Studio Async CTP and what it offers ASP.NET developers.

George Mckenzie, Senior Developer (BlackLine Systems)

George is a senior developer at BlackLine Systems. George has been programming with Microsoft technologies since Windows 3.0 became available and has over 20 years of software development experience under his belt. George started his career in C++ but has been exclusively using C# since the release of .NET Framework 1.0. George’s passion is .NET scalability and performance. George has been applying his background in Physics to take a scientific approach to these problems and performance algorithms and as a result has produced solutions to scale some of the largest web services of their day.



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